As we are all aware, things are moving quickly due to the current public health situation. However, there are ways to mitigate the impact the situation has on your organisation, charity or business. Below are a few suggestions that may help you:

• Social Media
Use your channels to keep in touch with your audience and provide regular and appropriate messages.

• Website
Add a banner to your website homepage to tell customers it’s ‘business as usual’.

• Website Content
If appropriate, create a new page to provide details of any specific public health related policies or procedures.

• Email Signature
Add a message to your signature providing details of special measures in place.

• Google My Business
Update your information to make it current (different opening hours, contact details etc.).

• Be Visible
If you don’t already have a ‘real’ picture (of yourself) on your website or on your social channels, consider adding one so that your audience can see who is behind the message. This adds credibility and trust to what you have to say.

The importance of clear messaging
Yes, it’s great to utilise the many channels you have at your disposal but what’s the point if your message isn’t clear? Here are further suggestions to help you communicate with impact:

• Simple
Keep messages clear and to the point. The average reading age of the population is 9 years old so be mindful of this when writing your message.

• Human
Ensure messages are real and contain content/examples that people can relate to – make it mean something to them in a natural/human way. Also be respectful to the current situation and its seriousness.

• On Time
This is key! You can have the best message but what if it goes out at the wrong time! Always consider what’s going on externally so that your message doesn’t get lost. Be mindful too of where your audience are at…..are they online just now……will they see your email in the morning? Think ‘what’s the time’ all the time!

• Tone
Did you notice I didn’t use any worrying or intimidating language in the opening section of this blog? We are all receiving so many emails just now that start with how frightening the public health situation is – do you really want/need to add further worry?

The situation is serious and it’s one that none of us want, but please be mindful of not adding to the stress and pressure that many people are already feeling.

What’s really important?
Just now, what’s important is your health and wellbeing.

Yes, we all want our organisation, charity or business to grow but sometimes there are more important things in life so please look after yourself and take care of your family and friends… is wealth after all.

Further Information

For all the latest and correct health information, please visit or follow (Instagram) @NHS24 (Twitter).

Stay safe, stay connected & take care.

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