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Effective and efficient communications should be at the heart of any successful organisation or business. If you want your target audience, customer or client to hear about your work and trade with you, we can help.

Here’s how g6 communications can help to promote your work, position your business for maximum growth and protect your reputation along the way:

Communications and Marketing Plans

Develop communications and marketing plans to shout about your business and what you do. Plans can be developed for individual campaigns or to complement your business plan. Social marketing plans can also be designed to help you change the behaviour of a specific audience.

Media Relations

Secure media opportunities within print, broadcast and online platforms. Provide media training for radio and television interviews. Write press releases, develop comments for stories, create press packs and organise press conferences. Deliver crisis media training for when you need to speak to a journalist during a time of reputational damage.

Crisis Communications Planning

Develop a crisis communications plan to help you plan for the unexpected. The plan will identify what you need to say and do during a time of reputational crisis. A crisis will normally develop from the media or on a social media platform – what you do in response will have a direct impact on the future of your business and its reputation.

Social Media Training & Coaching

Provide bespoke training or monthly coaching for you or your employees to promote your work and position your business within your industry. Give advice on how to create social media content plans so you can be strategic (smart) with your activity to benefit your business needs.

Website Content & Digital Plans

Offer online marketing advice including support on writing your website, blogging, video production, creating podcasts, social media marketing and email newsletters.

Stakeholder Engagement

Design plans to ensure that you are using the right messages and channels to engage with your partners and stakeholders – making sure they feel part of your shared vision and are ambassadors for your work.

Brand Strapline & Logo Development

Create a powerful business slogan/strapline in just a few words – strongly reflecting your aims and values. Provide advice on how to design a unique logo for your business to make you stand out in your industry.

Let’s tell your story together.

All our services can be tailored into bespoke packages to meet your needs.

Personal Branding

Your brand. Your story.

Create an impact, be more influential and give yourself that competitive edge – it’s time to invest in you.

If you are looking to raise your profile or position yourself effectively within your industry, we can help. We can also help to protect your reputation and create a strong personal brand identity.

Developing your own unique brand will have a significant impact on your career and on the work you do. It is therefore important to spend time on how you present yourself to those who you are working with.

Here’s how g6 communications can help you to build your own personal brand:

Because you are worth it...

Create a marketing plan that’s all about you! Tell your story through several channels including local and national media, trade magazines, social media and online digital content. Making sure that your unique story is heard by the right people, at the right time and in the right place (within your industry and beyond).

Social Media Training & Coaching

Design your online presence by identifying the most appropriate channels for you and supporting you with setting up branded social media accounts. Provide training or monthly coaching on what to say and when, give advice on how to have conversations online and provide guidance on how to create short personal videos for engaging online content.

Speaking Online & Building your Network

Identify key industry events for you to attend, build your networking skills and provide training on how to speak in public (or online). Provide guidance on speech writing and supply you with useful information on event delegates that you should be networking with. Secure event speaking opportunities that allow you to become recognised and valued within your industry.

Mentoring & Reputation Management

Be a mentor for your business strategy, making you accountable to your own vision, values and leadership. Work closely with you on a 1-2-1 basis to make you more efficient and effective (remaining human at all times). 
Provide personal advice on how to sharpen and define your image, strengthen your communications skills and build on the other essential skills needed for business.

Personal Development

Create a powerful CV and cover letter, prepare you for an interview, develop your presentation skills, identify the experience you need to get noticed and provide coaching/mentoring along your career journey. 

Personal branding is for everyone and your brand journey can begin at any point in your career. So, whether you are an undergraduate, new to the world of work, an employee, senior manager, industry leader or business owner – personal branding is your chance to tell your unique story.

Let’s tell your story together.


We are communications experts, but we can’t do everything. We therefore work with other experts in related fields that we trust. These partners include website designers, printing specialists, photographers and filmmakers.

Together, we tell your story.

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